Why the Greenhouse Gas Theory is Invalid
Data Challenges

Why is Climate Science Slow to Adopt the Standard Model of Physics?

Per the historically new standard model of physics, photons interact with electrons and neutrons. This understanding is more recent than the views of Arrhenius, whose early 20th-century papers are the basis of today’s discredited Greenhouse Gas theory, and the former are outside the scope of the expertise of most academics.

Because photons do transmit forces to electrons and neutrons, sunlight transmits force to the primary molecules of N2 and O2 that make up 99% of the atmosphere.

This occurs via Raleigh scattering and has not been adequately quantified until now (see here).

Photons, travelling at 900,000-times the velocity of atmospheric molecules, increase the velocity of nitrogen and oxygen, which is the basis of temperature, per the mainstream kinetic theory of gases.

This transfer of thermal energy via momentum is the way in which N2 and O2 store by far most of the thermal energy in the air (troposphere).

The 0.04% trace gases, formerly known by the “greenhouse gas” misnomer, do indeed store energy via increased vibrations, which energy, however, is only stored momentarily.

Anyone who wishes to argue with the standard model, and the nature of photons, is welcome to (that knowledge also may be advancing), otherwise, they are evading well-verified scientific understandings.

The scientific community has not yet processed the implications of the standard model on their theories of atmospheric thermal energy storage.

A More Likely Theory...

The correlation between sunspots and Earth temperatures is more than cursory. When solar activity increases, as demonstrated by an increase in sunspot numbers, this means there are higher solar winds blown across the planet. More solar winds shield Earth from cosmic radiation, arriving from the rest of the galaxy. Cosmic rays have been shown to ionize air molecules, causing water aerosols to attract one another and thus agglomerate more readily, forming larger droplets. This has been confirmed, and increased cloud cover results from more cosmic rays. 

Thus, when there are more sunspots, the earth is shielded from cosmic radiation, and more of the sun’s photons arrive on the surface, increasing temperatures. With fewer sunspots –> more cosmic radiation passes to create more clouds, and these clouds reflect solar energy, keeping the planet cooler.

What is the Climate Science Journal?

We have a problem. Science, specifically climate science, has been corrupted for political reasons. The funding provided by governments sets the direction for most academic research, and governments often have politicized and faction-supported agendas. 

“Since about 2014 or so, the public debate on climate change has become less ‘scientized’, with economics, social justice and raw politics taking center stage.

Dr. Judith Curry, 2019

What is the effect of this corruption? Temperature data has been altered, irrationally justified, in order to conform to a “global warming” representation. The evidence shows the world has not been warming, so the data has been changed. 

The scientific press has gone berserk. Not only have they altered the data, they denounce science itself:

“…the only way to really find out if phenomena like sunspots and solar wind are playing a larger role in climate change than most scientists now believe would be to significantly reduce our carbon emissions. Only in the absence of that potential driver will researchers be able to tell for sure how much impact natural influences have on the Earth’s climate.”

Scientific American, 2009

Really? The only way to find out of sunspots or solar wind have a substantial impact on Earth’s climate? So the task of science is to give up trying to study alternative approaches and the impacts of potentially devastating solutions in advance? We are to go ahead and implement a drastic international program of change, even if it means destroying economies, infrastructure, lives and standards of living to “significantly reduce carbon emissions”, because we cannot tell otherwise?

Rubbish! We can tell in other ways, and that should be the task of rational, competent scientists. Many capable scientists are already showing that when fewer sunspots cause lower solar winds, more cosmic radiation enters the planet’s atmosphere, and that causes more precipitation, cooling the planet. And there are other ways to study the phenomena, and are finding that the Sun is the primary cause of Earth’s constantly-changing climate.

We cannot let humanity lose science–it is the foundation of all the technology and infrastructure that 7.5 billion people require to survive. When academics en masse abandon integrity, when it becomes stylish to be dishonest, then we put our world in peril. 

Science is not a popularity contest. Just because a thousand people agree with an idea does not make it a sound idea. It is a question of accuracy of representation, and that thousand people can be less interested, biased, or unaware of competing knowledge.

Science needs lots of views, and competition among them with freedom of speech.

The Climate Science Journal is about restoring integrity to the study of climate change. Please consider supporting our project by buying one of the our books or eBooks, or making a donation.

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Global Average Surface Temperatures

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Why Support Science?

While leftists finance global-warming alarmism in an attempt to confiscate €25 trillion from the Paris Accord climate agreement, and use the always changing climate as an excuse to nationalize more of economies, who supports honest science challenging this pseudo-science?

Many people say talk to the oil companies. But most oil companies will not touch the global warming issue: because their interests lie in selling hydrocarbons, they appear to be biased no matter what they say. So they have invested generally in renewable energy, and it is no longer a primary issue to them which side wins, or what the future holds, as they are covered either way.

But what about science? Do you personally care whether scientific progress continues, and humans learn more about nature so that we can actually solve real problems? If you care about humanity, then you should care about science.

Again, science needs lots of views, and competition among them with freedom of speech. Please consider supporting our project by buying one of the our books or eBooks, or making a donation.

The Climate Science Journal Allows Anonymous Reviews, and Paper Presentations

The use of pseudonyms has a long history in science and philosophy, as a means of evading retaliation by those who are threatened by the advance of human knowledge and understanding, including:

  • Nicolaus Copernicus (who first put forward his theory of heliocentrism anonymously),
  • Galileo (writing as Lothario Sarsio Sigensano),
  • Isaac Newton (as Jehovah Sanctus Unus)
  • John Locke (his Two Treatises on Government was published anonymously)
  • Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (as Lewis Carroll) and
  • François-Marie Arouet (as Voltaire)

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