Challenging the Greenhouse Gas Theory

Comparison of Energy Radiating from Earth, to that Arriving from the Sun

The amount of energy radiated by the Earth, and “trapped” by “greenhouse gases”, is tiny compared with that radiated by the Sun. Later a graph on a scale of Watts/m2 will be shown, which makes very clear how disparate are the energies emitted by the Sun compared to the Earth, but for now, the following chart explains:


The magnitude of energy under each of the two curves must be compared. But it must be remembered that the right curve, for the Earth mostly in the infrared, also has bands of light absorbed by nitrogen and oxygen. 

A book on the Greenhouse Functionality theory will soon be available that quantifies this relationship, explaining misunderstandings and errors in reasoning, all the way back to Fourier’s original postulation in the early part of the 19th century, which error was passed on by Svante Arrhenius’ famous paper, which is largely the basis for the “greenhouse gas” theory.

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