What About Pole Ice?

Arctic and Antarctic Pole Ice Cover is Roughly the Same

What is the actual state of ice cover at the poles? Firstly, “climate” is about gradual changes in weather that occur beginning at 30-year timespans. We only have just over that many years of satellite data, giving us the capacity to even identify climatic trends. 

The following charts are from the National Snow and Ice Data Center of the US government’s site, here. The chart shows slight declines as well as slight increases over the median ice edge from 1981-2010—basically the same for the last 40 years. There is little substantial “global warming” on the North or South Poles. This is current data from US satellites.

The plots can be altered and coloured with bright red, for example, on a subjective basis, as they have been for various plots derived from the underlying data, but there is little objective, scientific basis for such alarmist excesses. Too little data has been collected with our new technology. We can begin to take a look at satellite data for climate trends in about 30-50 years. Presently, the Earth is enduring a cooling period, not a warming one. 

Ask yourself, does it appear that the poles are melting alarmingly? Below is for the Antarctic region.


Again, some increasing, some decreasing, from the median edge of 1981-2010 during the month of February. This does not appear as cause for an emergency alarm. Where is the effect of supposed “global warming”? If the “greenhouse gas” theory is not confirmed by the evidence, perhaps that is suggesting the theory is not valid.

3rd-party Audit Recommended

Furthermore, concentration anomalies from the beginning of the data in 1981 (plot below, for example) show that the ice edges are generally of low concentration, with ice breaking off through the year, and never very clear ice boundaries on a continuous basis. Because of previously discovered and demonstrated bias, visual verification of the data behind these plots, confirming that it has not been tampered with, by way of a 3rd-party audit, would have to occur before they can be considered accurate scientific record, independent of their origin.

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