Was 2021 Warmer, or Colder?

Today’s mainstream press presents a Global-warming emergency, while referring to it as the watered-down “climate-change”. But is this an accurate portrait of reality?

The question is which conclusion should we draw: more accurate records because of technology, or that it’s getting both warmer and cooler (which is very unlikely)?

Let’s look at some alternative evidence, suggesting that the answer to the question above is not so clear-cut.

12/2021: December Snowiest in at least 51 Years, Lake Tahoe, California

Records of snowfall began in 1970, and Lake Tahoe has an average snowfall of about 75″ each December. This month the snowfall was a record 211″, nearly 3-times the average.

31/12/2021: Smashes All-Time Daily Snow Record, Denver, Colorado

02/2021: Coldest February in more than 30 years, US

And below shows the substantial cooling of temperatures going on in the US, for example, all-time record coldest temperatures in 11 states across the west of the US, since 1895:

More than…

“…there were 22 temperature records set in British Columbia on Boxing Day, with a provincial record low of -40.7 reached in Prince George”
 December 29, 2021, Environment Canada

From the National Weather Service in the US

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