Challenging the Greenhouse Gas TheoryIntroduction

What About the Additional CO2?

What About the CO2?

CO2 Solubility
The chart below shows the relationship between water temperature and CO2, showing how, when the ocean water gets warmer, CO2 is released to the atmosphere.

The above chart explains that as the temperature of the ocean water increases, the solubility of CO2 (the amount of dissolved CO2 the water can retain) declines about 2.6% for each 1˚C increase. Because the oceans contain about 50-times the amount of CO2 as the atmosphere, if the entire oceans’ water temperature increased 1˚C, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere would increase a colossal 130%.

However, generally only the top ~5% surface of the ocean waters warm (unless it is geothermal warming), and phytoplankton quickly consume much of the CO2 in photosynthesis to subsequently serve at the basis of the food chain for most of the oceans’ animal life. 

The endothermic reaction of photosynthesis consumes thermal energy, converting it into carbon life, with the effect of actually cooling the water. Thus, additional CO2 in both the atmosphere and water is used by plants/phytoplankton in endothermic photosynthesis, also cooling the air, as a benign negative feedback mechanism that keeps the Earth’s temperatures more stable. Forests are cooler than desserts, for that reason, even though they are darker coloured.

The point of the above reasoning is that CO2 in the air is increased primarily by ocean water warming, as an effect of global warming, rather than a cause

As humans add more CO2 to the air by combusting hydrocarbon fuels (warming the air), they increase the amount available for plants (cooling the air). The CO2 does not itself “warm the air” as a product of combustion. “Warming the atmosphere” means that the thermal energy in the atmosphere is increased. The idea that CO2 (0.04% of the atmosphere), through increased molecular vibrations, stores more thermal energy than N2 or O2 (99% of the atmosphere), through increased translational or rotational velocity, is ludicrous, and contrary to mainstream, historically validated physics, in spite of its near universal endorsement by today’s politicized “scientists”.

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"You have found a promising approach to demonstrate successfully that the long suspected culprits of global warming, e.g. CO2, CH4, are actually not !"

PhD, Physics
Rutgers University, New Jersey
B.A. Cornell University, New York

"…seems to be path-breaking research in the domain. The paper reads nice and the science involved is analogous and clear. This paper is a hallmark and would benefit the advances in science, government planning as well as policy makers for the next course of action. I congratulate you for this great work and thank for giving me an opportunity to read it and enlighten myself."

PhD, Atmospheric Sci and Meteorology, IISc
M.Sc., Geophysics, ISC
BSc., (Hons) Physics, Delhi U

"An alarmist bias in Global Warming Research has corrupted the academic/scientific community"

Dr. Roy W. Spencer
Ph.D. Meteorology
University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Principal Research Scientist at UoA
Former Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

"I have studied your paper during the weekend and I am impressed by your brilliant analysis and convincing argumentation. This looks like a very original thought process and one that does deserve broad dissemination."

B.Sc. (Hons) Mech. Eng.
DTU, Denmark
C.P. Eng. (Chartered Prof. Eng.)
Former Project Manager, CERN
Geneva, Switzerland

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