What About Current Temperatures?

Today’s mainstream press presents an emergency situation with climate, based upon claimed temperature rises. Is this claim factual? Below are links to some current news articles that challenge the global warming premise, showing the opposite, that temperatures are cooling.

12/2020: November Coldest in 71 Years, New Delhi, India

01/2020: Smashes All-Time Daily Snow Record, Newfoundland, Canada

01/2020: First Snowfall in 40 Years, India

12/2019: Second Coldest Month of December Since 1901 Expected in Delhi, India

All-time October Record Lows in Western US

All Time Record Low Temperature In Illinois

Flagstaff, Arizona had the snowiest day in its history

October, 2019 Record Cold in 11 US States
And below shows the substantial cooling of temperatures going on in the US, for example, all-time record coldest temperatures in 11 states across the west of the US, since 1895:

Many more cooling records than warming

More than 300 Cold Temperature Records Broken in 11-2019

“The most severe early November cold snap in more than a century has plowed over the East Coast, where record low temperatures were set in the majority of population centers Wednesday morning”

 November 13, 2019, The Washington Post

From the National Weather Service in the US

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Note the outstanding peer reviews below, presented anonymously, which you are also encouraged to do to [email protected] in the present politically-charged “climate” of climate science.

"You have found a promising approach to demonstrate successfully that the long suspected culprits of global warming, e.g. CO2, CH4, are actually not !"

PhD, Physics
Rutgers University, New Jersey
B.A. Cornell University, New York

"…seems to be path-breaking research in the domain. The paper reads nice and the science involved is analogous and clear. This paper is a hallmark and would benefit the advances in science, government planning as well as policy makers for the next course of action. I congratulate you for this great work and thank for giving me an opportunity to read it and enlighten myself."

PhD, Atmospheric Sci and Meteorology, IISc
M.Sc., Geophysics, ISC
BSc., (Hons) Physics, Delhi U

"An alarmist bias in Global Warming Research has corrupted the academic/scientific community"

Dr. Roy W. Spencer
Ph.D. Meteorology
University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Principal Research Scientist at UoA
Former Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

"I have studied your paper during the weekend and I am impressed by your brilliant analysis and convincing argumentation. This looks like a very original thought process and one that does deserve broad dissemination."

B.Sc. (Hons) Mech. Eng.
DTU, Denmark
C.P. Eng. (Chartered Prof. Eng.)
Former Project Manager, CERN
Geneva, Switzerland

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